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PUBLIC SAFETY – in material terms it ensures stable functioning of all citizens in the state, which consists of the whole social, legal and organisational relations serving to reduce the risk of threat to the functioning of the state organisation and implementation of its interests, enabling its normal and free development. The formal guarantee of maintaining this state are legal norms, and institutional – the competent state bodies. This concept therefore covers the broadly understood security of all citizens of the state – both the safety of every person, his/her life, health, property, implementation of subjective rights, and all forms of collective life in a state organisation in which people co-exist, that is the safety of all public institutions and social, private organisations, etc. In the second view, p.s. refers to the system of protection, i.e. the system of organisational activities and authorisation to use coercive measures by specialized state institutions, in order to ensure the status stated above. P.s. is closely related to the term → public order. P.s. means all manifestations of the absence of any dangers in the life of a certain community of people. It includes safety in communication, in road, rail, water and air traffic, as well as no threats related to disasters, natural disasters, epidemics, and finally, no threats caused by criminal human action directed against life, health of the individual or against property. It is impossible to list all security threats that may occur in life. As a result of civilization development, new social relations are emerging, bringing new and unknown states of threat to particular individuals or to the whole society. The general wording “safety” therefore refers to all states of non-threat – and those that we are able to list in detail today, and those that are yet to emerge in the near or distant future. The concept of p.s. is closely related to the functioning of man and various social structures within the state institutions, therefore, also in the narrower meaning, it also occurs in legal regulations, but is expressed rather through a more precise term – state security [ A. Misiuk ].

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