Citizen's charter

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

CITIZEN’S CHARTER – it contains the basic principles of public service, which include: the need for the administration to define and publicize the standards of services that citizens may expect, and to publish information on the practice of applying these standards and the collection and sharing of information on the rules of functioning of the public administration. C.c. also resolves the following issues: 1. wherever possible, the public sector should provide the citizen with the opportunity to choose and, when setting service standards, the opinions of their users should be taken into account; 2. officials should show a courteous and helpful attitude to the clients; 3. a clear and easy to use complaint procedure and an objective system of handling complaints should be in force; 4. the most effective level of public services must be ensured within the resources available. In a political sense c.c. is an expression of change in the attitude of the government towards citizens – the understanding that they are both payers and recipients of services provided by the state [ J. Itrich-Drabarek ].

Literature: J. Itrich-Drabarek, Uwarunkowania, standardy i kierunki zmian służby cywilnej w Polsce na tle europejskim [Conditions, standards and directions of changes in the civil service in Poland against the European background], Warszawa 2010.