Council of seniors of the municipality/city

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

COUNCIL OF SENIORS OF THE MUNICIPALITY/CITY – a body of a consultative, advisory and initiating character created optionally by the municipality council on its own initiative or at the request of interested communities. In accordance with the Act on local government, a municipality should promote intergenerational solidarity and create conditions to stimulate civic activity of older people in the local community. Municipality’s c.s. consists of representatives of the elderly and representatives of entities acting for the benefit of the elderly, in particular representatives of → NGOs and entities running universities of the third age. The statute of the c.s. is prepared by the municipality council, it contains principles defining the mode of selecting its members and rules of operation, which should ensure the use of the potential of existing organisations of the elderly and entities acting for the benefit of the elderly. The municipality council may, in the statute of an auxiliary unit, authorize it to create a c.s. of the auxiliary unit. C.s. operates in the following areas: preventing and overcoming the marginalization of seniors; supporting the activity of older people; housing for seniors; prevention and promotion of seniors’ health; overcoming stereotypes about seniors and old age, building the authority of seniors; development of leisure activities, access to education and culture [ P. Antkowiak ].

Literature: B. Dolnicki, Samorząd terytorialny [Local government], Warszawa 2016.