County board

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

COUNTY BOARD – a collegiate executive body of the county, appointed by the county council on request of the → starost. The composition of the c.b. includes: starost (as its chairman), vice-startos and other members of the board. The county council selects the starost first, and then – on his request – the other members of the board. The c.b. consists of three to five members (including the starost). Selection of the c.b. should be made within three months from the date of publication of the results of the council election. Failure to select the board in the statutory time results in termination of the county council by virtue of law and in the early election of the c.c. ordered by the voivode. The c.b. competences include: preparing draft resolutions of c.c.; executing resolutions of c.c.; managing municipal property of the county; executing the county budget; hiring and dismissing managers of county organisational units. Membership in the c.b. should not be combined with the membership in a body of another local government unit (municipal council, voivodship sejmik, voivodship board) or holding the mandate of a village mayor, with employment in the government administration, and with the fulfilment of parliamentary mandate. A member of the c.b. does not have to be a councillor. The c.b. can be dismissed in two cases: obligatorily in the case of failing to be granted a vote of acceptance for the implementation of the budget, optionally (the whole board or individual members of the board) – by resolution of the c.c., on request made by the group of at least 2/5 of the statutory composition of the council, for another reason than not granting acceptance. The c.c. may dismiss the c.b. (or individual members thereof) by resolution adopted by a majority of 3/5 of the statutory composition of the c.c. by secret ballot (→ executive body of local government) [ J. Wojnicki ].

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