From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

EFFECTIVENESS – the degree of accomplishment of the objectives (effects), i.e. the extent to which the planned effects are achieved in the planned time. These effects can be planned actions (for example, organising a sporting event), products (e.g., foreign language lessons), services (e.g., renting bicycles) or results (e.g., level of foreign language knowledge among residents). E. in praxeological terms is the basic virtue of effective action. Effective action in the praxeological sense is the action that brings us closer to reaching a certain goal. In the public value management system, e. refers to a product-result relationship and refers to the degree to which the results are being achieved and indicates whether the products delivered contribute to the achievement of priorities and objectives. E. can be considered in operational and strategic terms. In the case of public sector units, e. in operational terms means the degree of achievement of objectives in the financial year. In turn, e. in strategic terms is the degree of implementation of long-term objectives of public policies or the degree of implementation of development needs of a given community. The measures of e. are indicators of the degree of achievement of objectives (effects actually achieved/planned effects) as well as indicators which are the relation of results to products (for example: percentage of pupils who after three years of learning English acquired language skills at level B1) [ T. Strąk ].

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