Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services

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ELECTRONIC PLATFORM OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION SERVICES (ePUAP) – a teleinformatic platform for standardised communication between citizens and units (entities) forming the system of public administration in Poland. The legal definition was set out in the Act of 2005 that established ePUAP and states that it is a teleinformatic system in which public institutions provide services via a single access point on the Internet. The ePUAP platform was built in 2006-2008 as part of the ePUAP-WKP project, which was implemented to provide citizens with services provided via the Internet by public administration units. ePUAP gives public institutions the ability to provide services electronically. The platform provides them with the necessary IT infrastructure for further public services. The minister competent for computerization ensures the functioning of the ePUAP, publishes ePUAP information on the addresses of the electronic distribution boxes made available by public entities and manages the personal data of the users of the platform. ePUAP provides a directory containing information about services, in particular: the legal basis of the service, its name, purpose and recipients of the service, its category, and the name and location of the service provider according to the administrative division of the country. Public entities may use the following ePUAP functions to provide electronic services: creation and maintenance of electronic documents by individuals and entities; sending electronic documents; data sharing between ePUAP and other ICT systems; identification of users and accountability of their activities; verification of electronic signature; creation of services of a public entity or of services of several public entities working together on the basis of two or more services; servicing electronic payments; confirming a trusted ePUAP profile; verification of compliance of the electronic document with its design as defined in the central repository of samples of electronic documents; issuing: official certification of receipt, electronic payment confirmation, electronic time stamp – taking into account the functionality of the ePUAP guaranteeing the indisputability of these credentials. Using the ePUAP platform requires setting up an account [ K. Mroczka ].

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