Executive body of local government

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

EXECUTIVE BODY OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT – the constitutional and statutory definition of the village mayor/mayor/president of the city, county board and voivodship board. In the municipality until 2002, this body was also a collegiate body – the board. The name of the local-government body indicates the basic tasks – exercising executive functions in relation to the decision of the decision-making and control body within the local or regional self-government unit. The structure of e.b. has not been symmetrical since 2002 in all types of local government units – in the municipality there is a monocratic e.b. in the form of the village mayor/mayor/president of the city, elected in the local-government elections that are universal and direct conducted by a secret ballot. On the other hand, in the county and self-government voivodship, there is a collective e.b. indirectly elected by councillors. The composition of the e.b. in the county self-government includes from three to five persons, while in the self-government voivodship – five persons. A starost is the head of the e.b. in the county, and in the self-government voivodship – the voivodship marshal. They are elected first and it is at their request that the council/sejmik selects the other members of the e.b. The elected board members do not have to be councillors. Resignation or death of the chairman of the e.b. causes the expiry of the mandate of the entire e.b. After voting on the dismissal by the decision-making body, the e.b. performs its tasks until the selection of a new body (→ decision-making and control body of local government) [ J. Wojnicki ].

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