Good governance

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

GOOD GOVERNANCE – refers to the quality of governance, the way and effects of exercising power and actions taken by public administration. This is one of the concepts of management in the public sector, also referred to as “good administration”. This concept was developed in the 1980s and 1990s by international organisations (the World Bank) as part of assistance programmes implemented in the third world countries. It relates to the concept of governance (having its sources in managing the private sector) – this term is defined as processes and institutions used to make decisions and exercise power in a given country (or international organisation). G.g. is characterised by: 1. involvement of all interested parties – it may take a direct or indirect form (participation through representatives or institutions); 2. the rule of law – governance takes place on the basis and within the limits of the law, and human rights are respected, which is supervised by institutions, such as courts, ombudsmen, police; 3. transparency – compliance of the decisions and actions taken with the procedures and their disclosure; 4. consensus; 5. ensuring equal opportunity to influence the governance process; 6. efficiency; 7. responsibility of stakeholders for the governance process; 8. treating the governance process as a response to the needs of stakeholders. According to the World Bank’s definition, g.g. is characterised by: open and developmental policy, professional administration, acting for the public good, legal principles, transparency of processes, strong civil society. One of the elements of the concept g.g. is the → right to good administration [ E. Szulc-Wałecka ].

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