Hubert Izdebski

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Hubert Izdebski – professor and PhD with “habilitation”, lawyer, solicitor, advocate. He is a specialist in the field of public law and its point of contact with civil law. His professional experience of over 30 years includes drafting projects of legal acts, performing the duties of solicitor and dealing with issues regarding administrative and constitutional law. His interests concentrate on axiology and the genesis of legal solutions, as well as public management issues. Author of, among others: Doktryny polityczno-prawne. Fundamenty współczesnych państw (Political-legal doctrines. Foundations of contemporary states) (2017), co-author of Gwarancje ochrony konstytucyjnych praw i wolności jednostki (Guarantees of the protection of constitutional rights and individual freedom) (2016), Elementy teorii i filozofii prawa (Elements of the theory and philosophy of law) (2008), Introduction to public administration and administrative law (2006), Samorząd terytorialny, podstawy ustroju i działalności (Local government, fundemantals of the system and activity) (2003), Historia myśli politycznej i prawnej (History of political and legal thought) (1996), co-author of Administracja. Zagadnienia ogólne (Administration. General issues) (1996), Historia administracji (History of administration) (1995).