Human resource management

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT – a coherent, strategic and integrated approach to employment, motivation and development as well as the management of people employed in an organisation, and also creating conditions that stimulate employees’ involvement in a way that would contribute to the organisation’s success. The term human resources (HR) is used in management instead of the previously used concepts of “personnel” or “staff”, it means a qualitative change in the perception of the employees of the organisation – as exactly “human resources”. Good management of HR and effective use of the potential embedded in them can transform them into human capital, or the most valuable asset of the company. Human capital means people with their knowledge and skills, professional experience, aspirations, motivations and attitudes, connections, relationships and interpersonal relations, the level of trust, as well as the binding culture, that is, behaviour patterns, norms and values. HRM is a sequence of processes consisting of logically related activities aimed at providing the organisation at a specific time and place with the required number of employees with appropriate qualifications and creating conditions that stimulate effective behaviour of employees in accordance with the overall objective of the organisation. The HRM process consists of, among others, human resources planning, recruitment, dismissals, selection and choice of employees, improving professional qualifications, professional development, promotion, employee evaluation, maintaining harmonious relations between the managerial staff and employees, and among employees, the remuneration system. HRM in public administration relates to the concept of acquiring and managing employees and providing them with development aimed at the most effective implementation of the objectives and tasks of public administration. The application of the HRM concept in public administration is related to → New Public Management [ E. Szulc-Wałecka ].

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