Local government employees

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

LOCAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES – employed in local government organisational units, subject to the principles of professional pragmatics – labour law provisions, established for the purpose of professional, reliable and impartial performance of public tasks by local government. A separate act on local government employees applies to the following types of offices and other entities of local government units: marshal offices, county starosts, municipal offices together with their organisational units as well as budget units and budgetary institutions, union offices and self-government budgetary institutions established by these associations, administrative units’ offices. Employment in local government takes place on the basis of selection, appointment or employment contract. L.g.e. are employed in positions of: officials, including official managerial positions, ancillary and servicing. L.g.e. may be a person who: is a Polish citizen (with exceptions), has full legal capacity and enjoys full public rights and has the professional qualifications required to perform work in a given position. L.g.e. hired on the basis of selection or appointment cannot, additionally, be sentenced by a valid court sentence for an intentional offense prosecuted by public prosecution or intentional tax offense. On the basis of an employment contract for an official position a person may be employed who additionally has at least secondary education, was not convicted by a valid court sentence for an intentional crime prosecuted by public prosecution or intentional tax offense and has impeccable repute. A person who has at least three years of work experience or has been performing business activity for at least three years in accordance with the requirements of a given position and has a university degree may be employed for a managerial position. The act also specifies, among others, rules for completing by l.g.e. the preparatory service, obtaining a periodic assessment or a ban on performing activities that conflict with the held position (→ official; right to access to public service) [ P. Antkowiak ].

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