New Public Management

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NEW PUBLIC MANAGEMENT (NPM) – the doctrine of management in public administration, characterised by defining the results-oriented activities of public administration, the aim is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the functioning of public administration. NPM introduces a managerial approach to the management of public sector, which is characterised by a departure from the principles of hierarchical organisation, resignation from focusing on structures, procedures and regulation for the benefit of economic mechanisms in the organisation of public administration and activities oriented on achieving results noticeable to the citizen. NPM was formed as a result of criticism of the Weberian model, i.e. bureaucratic administration. NPM is characterised by: 1. changing the position of a public administration employee – from an official to a manager; 2. implementation of rules based on the analysis of the achieved results; 3. adoption of strategic orientation and introduction of a market mechanism to the process of providing public services; 4. human resources management based on flexible terms of employment, work and pay; 5. remuneration of officials according to the efficiency of action; 6. goals set for the organisation and for the employees are clearly delimited and the scope of their implementation is possible to assess using indicators; 7. public administration bodies may perform their functions using external entities, e.g., private entities or non-governmental organisations; 8. mechanisms of market competition in the process of providing services are used, e.g., outsourcing; 9. aligning the services offered by the administration with the client; 10. depoliticization of management through separation of public policy from operational management (→ model of bureaucracy; Weber Max; public management) [ E. Szulc-Wałecka ].

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