Publication of local law acts

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This page is a translated version of the page Ogłaszanie aktów prawa miejscowego and the translation is 100% complete.

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PUBLICATION OF LOCAL LAW ACTS – is the last stage of the law-making procedure, which conditions the validity of → local law. Rules and announcement mode of l.l.a. and issuing of the voivodship official journal is specified in the act. Normative acts are published in the voivodship official journal and enter into force after 14 days from the day of their publication, unless a given local law specifies a different date. In the voivodship official journal, in particular, l.l.a. established by the municipality and county bodies and by the voivodship sejmik are published, as well as those constituted by the voivode and non-joint administration bodies. Order regulations, constituting the category that distinguishes l.l.a. in the system of sources of law, are announced in the form of notices, as well as in a manner customarily adopted in a given area or in mass media. They enter into force, in principle, after three days from the day of announcement, which is considered the day indicated in the notice (in justified cases they may come into force in a shorter time). If the delay of entry into force could cause irreparable damage or serious threat to life, health or property, the competent body may order that they will enter into force on the day of announcement, and the announcement of the order regulations in this way does not exempt from the obligation to publish them in the voivodship official journal. Pursuant to the act, the village mayor/mayor/president of the city is obliged to send order regulations to village mayors/mayors/presidents of cities from the area of neighbouring municipalities and to the starost of a county in which the municipality is located. He should do so no later than on the day after they were established [ S. Kozłowski ].

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