Ordered tasks

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

ORDERED TASKS – public tasks belonging to the government administration, which are carried out by local-government units. O.t. refer to those types of public tasks that should be performed both nationally and according to uniform rules, in a standardised and formalized manner. Government administration should provide financial resources for the execution of o.t., and it can issue guidelines on how to exercise them. Performing the o.t. may be obligatory and may result from special laws or may be entrusted voluntarily on the basis of an agreement between local-government bodies and government administration bodies. Performing o.t. is subject to supervision in terms of legality, expediency, reliability and economy. The o.t. include, for example, keeping records and registers, preparing and conducting general elections and referendums. The local-government unit cannot refuse to fulfil the obligatory tasks due to the lack of financial resources or establishing them at an insufficient level (→ public tasks) [ A. Jarosz ].

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