Professional self-government

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

PROFESSIONAL SELF-GOVERNMENT – is an organisational form of association of persons performing the same profession whose purpose is, among others, to represent their interests against the state authorities, their professional development and watching over the ethical practice of the profession and social protection of these professionals, and carrying out a series of tasks typical for public-law associations, such as keeping a register of persons entitled to perform the profession. It is the public-law scope of activities of p.s.g. that decides on its essence and distinguishes it from organisations of typically associational character. An element that connects the p.s.g. and the local government is belonging to the corporate self-government group, whose unit is the union of persons with compulsory membership, usually equipped with legal personality and appointed to carry out through their bodies specific tasks of the public administration on the basis of self-sufficiency and independence from the government. The basic difference between the two types of self-government refers to the elements taken into account when isolating such units. Local government is based solely on the criterion of residence, not taking into account the personal aspirations of its members, while p.s.g. unites certain social groups because of their qualifications and their corresponding life interests. In other words, p.s.g. is a non-territorial, public-law, compulsory association, acting as personal unions. Until 2017, 16 legal regulations in a form of acts have been adopted in Poland, enabling the creation of self-governments of: advocates, legal councillors, doctors, veterinary doctors, notaries, nurses and midwives, pharmacists, statutory auditors, tax advisers, bailiffs, architects, construction engineers, patent attorneys, psychologists, court curators, laboratory diagnostics and physiotherapists [ R. Kmieciak ].

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