Protractedness of administrative proceedings

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

PROTRACTEDNESS OF ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEEDINGS – a state where the administrative body carries out → administrative proceedings longer than is necessary to settle the case, the procedural steps taken by the body are apparent or separated by long periods of inaction. This is, therefore, an ineffective procedure. The p.o.a.p. can also be observed in a situation when the deadline has not yet passed, or the law does not specify a time limit for its completion, but the body acts sluggishly and in an unjustified way extends the time limit for settlement of the case. Finally, p.a..p can lead to a charge of → inactivity when the decision (act, order) is not issued within the prescribed time limit. P. of the body’s activities can lead to breach of the principle of speed and simplicity of administrative proceedings. P.o.a.p. refers both to administrative proceedings conducted by administrative body and to proceedings before administrative courts. There is a possibility of challenging the proceedings conducted in a protracted way – the means the party is entitled to are the → reminder and the complaint to the administrative court. The party is entitled to submit a reminder at any stage of the case. The complaint to the court on the p.o.a.p. may be submitted by the party after exhausting all the instances of the proceedings [ E. Sękowska-Grodzicka ].

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