Sebastian Kozłowski

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Sebastian Kozłowski – PhD with “habilitation” in social science in the field of political science (2016), assistant professor at the Institute of Political Science, University of Warsaw. A member of the Polish Political Science Association. Researcher of political organisational pathologies, engaged in the socio-political analysis of the functioning of local government and the issues of the Polish systemic transformation. In years 1998-2010 he was associated with the local government as a councillor (three terms) and a member of the municipality’s board (deputy mayor). Former editor-in-chief of the magazine “Przegląd Samorządowy. Monitor Zamówień Publicznych” (Local Government Review. Public Procurement Monitor), a local-government publicist. Former adviser and head of the political cabinet of the Minister of Health (2004-2005). Author of numerous publications, including monographs: Swoboda działania polityka (Freedom of the politician’s action) (2006); Upodmiotowienie samorządu lokalnego w okresie transformacji systemowej w Polsce (Empowerment of local government in the period of systemic transformation in Poland) (2015).