Secretary of state for European affairs

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

SECRETARY OF STATE FOR EUROPEAN AFFAIRS – a position in the structures of the ministry responsible for Poland’s membership in the EU (an office supporting the minister responsible for the Poland’s membership in the EU, currently it is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The position of a secretary for European affairs exists since 2009, when the → European Affairs Committee was created, headed by the minister responsible for Poland’s membership in the EU (usually it is the minister for foreign affairs), The minister is represented by the secretary for European affairs (except when the Committee’s session is attended by the minister). The structures subordinate to the secretary of state for European affairs are the Department of the European Affairs Committee and the EU Economic Department. Since 2015, the secretary of state for the European affairs is also a plenipotentiary of the President of the Council of Ministers (p.c.m.) for coordinating the participation of the p.c.m. at the European Council (EC) meetings. His/her tasks include: 1. assisting the p.c.m. in participation in the EC meetings and other meetings of the EU heads of state and government, including with third countries; 2. cooperating with the advisors of the heads of state and government of the EU and coordination of the contacts of the p.c.m. with the president of the EC, the president of the European Commission and the president of the European Parliament in connection with EC meetings; 3. presenting the p.c.m. draft documents concerning participation in the EC meetings. He/she also presents the p.c.m. analyses, evaluations and conclusions related to the performance of the tasks entrusted to him/her and the annual report on his/her activities. In addition, as part of the duties entrusted to him/her, he/she presents the position of the p.c.m. in international and national forums. The above tasks are carried out in cooperation with the competent authorities of the government administration and the EAC, which are also obliged to cooperate and support him/her. The genesis of the role of the secretary of state for European affairs should be sought in 1996 in the structure of the then-formed Committee for the European Integration, which was the main body of the Polish administration in terms of coordination and programming of Poland’s integration policy with the EU, consisted of a president, usually the p.c.m., members – selected ministers and the secretary who was the head of the Office. The Committee carried out its tasks through the Office of the Committee for European Integration. In 2009, the Committee for European Integration was cancelled and replaced by the European Affairs Committee [ T. Kownacki ].