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SPECIAL ADMINISTRATION – one of the forms of the → government administration in the field, in a form of a separate administrative apparatus with special competence, which is not subordinate to a formal representative of government administration in a given unit of territorial-administrative division (so-called administrative body with general competence) and local government, which is why it can be characterized as unincorporated administration. The main criterion of separation of s.a. is a clearly defined scope of tasks of expertise and technical character that would be difficult to incorporate within the body with general competence, like for example mining, maritime or customs administration. In literature, one can find opinions that indicate that the motives for creating the special administration result from the willingness to preserve the administrative authority of the clerical apparatus, which, according to the theory of public choice, in order to take care of its own interests, aims at increasing the budget and tasks, which results in the growth of administration [ M. Jęczarek ].

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