Agricultural chamber

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

AGRICULTURAL CHAMBER – one of the forms of → economic self-government, i.e. a union organised on the basis of representation of common, collective and personal interests of persons belonging to a specific economic state. operate on the basis of the Act on agricultural chambers. From among all forms of economic self-government, the agricultural self-government is by far the best organised institution in formal and legal terms. work to solve agricultural problems and represent the interests of the entities associated in it. Under the Act, members of the are all natural and legal persons who are payers of agricultural or income tax from special departments of agricultural production. There are 16 agricultural chambers in Poland. The presidents of chambers and delegates elected by general meetings (one from each chamber) form the general meeting of the National Council of Agricultural Chambers [ P. Antkowiak ].

Literature: R. Kmieciak, P. Antkowiak, K. Walkowiak, Samorząd gospodarczy i zawodowy w systemie politycznym Polski [Economic and professional self-government in the political system of Poland], Warszawa 2012.