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SERVICE CENTRE FOR GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION (SCGA) (Polish: Centrum Obsługi Administracji Rządowej – COAR; formerly Centrum Usług Wspólnych) – an institution of the budgetary economy of the Chancellery of the President of the Council of Minister (CPCM) responsible for the comprehensive service of the CPCM, in operation since 2011. The unit acts as a central contracting authority for government administration units and performs a range of central government support services, including tasks related with asset management. The function of the founding body for SCGA is held by the head of the Chancellery of the President of the Council of Ministers. SCGA’s core business activities include: services, supplies and construction works for the CRCM, carried out to ensure the performance of public tasks by the CPCM in the following areas: 1. managing, governing and administering of property, providing administrative, economic and technical services, including system and ICT network administration, including the network to process classified information, investments and repairs, public procurement, publishing and printing, meeting the housing needs of people in top management positions and other authorized persons, providing a training and conference base for the government and governmental administration, and in the scope unused for the training-conference purposes providing holiday services (except that the training and conferencing services will be the dominant scope of activity within the budget year); 2. financing or co-financing of fixed assets under construction, purchase of fixed assets and repairs; 3. conducting joint or central public procurement in accordance with the law on public procurement and the provision of common services resulting from these contracts. SCGA may also conduct activities for entities other than the CPCM as the so-called additional activity. SCGA activity is payable [ K. Mroczka ].

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