Chamber of industry and commerce

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

CHAMBER OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE – one of the forms of → economic self-government, i.e. a union organised on the basis of representation of common, collective and personal interests of persons belonging to a specific economic state. Ch.i.c. developed especially during the period of the Second Republic of Poland. Nowadays, their functioning is regulated by the Act on economic chambers, but the assumptions adopted therein are inconsistent with the tradition of economic self-government. The Act sets out that the chamber of commerce is a voluntary self-government organisation whose task should be to represent the economic interests of the entities associated in it in the scope of their manufacturing, commercial, construction or service activities in relation to the state authorities. Ch.i.c. that function today are therefore of an associative character and have no real authoritative powers. In their current form, therefore, they cannot be included in the public authorities’ system in Poland [ P. Antkowiak ].

Literature: R. Kmieciak, P. Antkowiak, K. Walkowiak, Samorząd gospodarczy i zawodowy w systemie politycznym Polski [Economic and professional self-government in the political system of Poland], Warszawa 2012.