City with county rights

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

CITY WITH COUNTY RIGHTS – a local-government unit, colloquially referred to as a township or urban county. The concept of the c.w.c.r. means: 1. a local self-government community which is a local-government entity, 2. a territory. C.w.c.r. were created in 1999 as a result of the introduction of a new → territorial division of the country. Cities of this special character include municipalities with the status of a city that perform public tasks that belong not only to municipalities but also to counties. The executive body in the c.w.c.r. is the president of the city, the decision-making and control body is the city council. The county rights are vested in cities which on 31st December 1998 had more than 100,000 residents and cities that have ceased to be seats of voivodes on that day – unless at the request of the relevant city council, the county rights have been abandoned. Cities that have been granted the status of c.w.c.r. when making the first administrative division of the country into counties are also entitled to the rights of the c.w.c.r. [ E. Szulc-Wałecka ].

Literature: B. Dolnicki, Samorząd terytorialny [Local government], Warszawa 2009.