From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

CONTROL – in relation to public administration the category of control was defined by Jacek Jagielski as a function whose content includes: observing and recognizing a given activity or state, i.e. determining their actual image in a specific place and time; assessing this activity or state by confronting the actual (real) image of them with initial assumptions (found in the adopted objectives, standards, parameters, etc.) referenced to them – as a whole, as well as to their individual fragments. This assessment should lead to: confirming the regularity or irregularity of specific actions or states; making a diagnosis of the causes of any irregularities, possibly having a wide range, including the subject and personal aspects of the causes of identified irregularities; formulating conclusions as to this activity or state in the future, aimed at counteracting the occurrence of irregularities. Regarding public administration, control occurs on two levels: towards it (external) and performed by it (internal). In Poland, the system of external control includes the following types of control: parliamentary, State Tribunal and Constitutional Tribunal, Commissioner for the Citizens’ Rights, Supreme Audit Office, judicial, Chief Labour Inspectorate and Inspector General for Personal Data Protection, civic. The internal-administration control consists of a system of control institutions constituting links in the structure of the administrative apparatus whose control functions cover other links of the apparatus. Jagielski distinguishes four categories of this system: 1. general administrative control (governmental, departmental, territorial within the governmental framework, control in local government administration); 2. specialist control (special inspections, control by some central bodies, and financial); 3. prosecutor’s control; 4. internal control in organisational units of the administration. (→ audit, supervision, administrative judiciary) [ K. Mroczka ].

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