Disciplinary proceedings

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS – statutorily regulated mode of procedure in the event of violation of duties or ethics by a member of a professional group. Disciplinary responsibility applies to persons or professionals, or persons belonging to groups in which special attitude and character is required in the performance of their duties. D.p. is used not instead of criminal proceedings, but beside it. D.p. is regulated separately in statutes concerning particular professional groups, and if there are no such provisions for a given professional group, then the provisions of the Code of Criminal Proceedings are applied, which also include a catalogue of disciplinary penalties. D.p. is conducted before the relevant disciplinary authorities, for example before a disciplinary court, disciplinary board or a supervisor. In addition to the statutorily regulated mode of d.p., there are also other similar forms of disciplinary responsibility, but they do not have such causative power, e.g., there is no possibility to withdraw the right to practice a profession [ E. Zielińska ].

Literature: J. Paśnik, Prawo dyscyplinarne w Polsce [Disciplinary law in Poland], Warszawa 2000.