Impact assessment

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IMPACT ASSESSMENT (IA) – concerns proposals and draft normative acts issued at various levels of government in the state and at European level, including an analysis of the possible costs and benefits of implementing such acts (in Poland also often referred to as “influence assessment”). IA usually includes the diagnosis of an already existing legal status, as well as an assessment of the possible impact of envisaged regulation on public finances, economic competitiveness, entrepreneurship, households, the labour market and possibly other areas related to the field of legislation. Very often, IA also provides information on how the issue underlying the normative act has been resolved in other countries. The most commonly used tool for IA is the classic cost-benefit analysis based on the analysis of statistical data and economic indicators and on the analysis of social phenomena. For assessing the financial impact of the draft acts, a special guidance is used that assures the application of uniform macroeconomic indicators developed by the minister responsible for public finances. The estimation of the impact of the entry into force of the regulation takes place on the basis of expert opinions, analyses of statistical data, results of public consultations. At the EU level, the impact assessment is carried out by the European Commission. In Poland, the system of impact assessment of legislation was formally introduced in 2001 and follows the recommendations of the OECD and the EU. Various studies and analyses of this system indicate a number of problems with the reliability and in-depth of analyses underlying the IA, both at country and European level (among others, the analyses of the Ministry of Public Finance or analytical centres) [ R. Mieńkowska-Norkiene ].

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