Chamber of crafts

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CHAMBER OF CRAFTS – one of the forms of → economic self-government, i.e. a union organised on the basis of representation of common, collective and personal interests of persons belonging to a specific economic state. C.c. operate on the basis of the Crafts Act, which specifies the basic tasks of the chamber towards associated organisations, government and local-government administration offices, other institutions and individual craftsmen. One of the most important tasks of craft organisations is teaching the profession. However, the Act states that craft self-government organisations are created on the initiative of members on the basis of voluntary affiliation. This means that membership in c.c. is optional. The Polish craft organisation is the Polish Craft Association, which since 2001 has the status of an organisation that represents this milieu of economic self-government. Together with regional, local and industry crafts organisations – 27 chambers of crafts, 477 crafts guilds and 180 cooperatives – it creates the largest and oldest structure of economic self-government in Poland [ P. Antkowiak ].

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