Joint Commission of Government and Local Government

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

JOINT COMMISSION OF GOVERNMENT AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT (JCGaLG) – a forum for working out a common position of the government and local government. It is classified as the so-called common bodies involved in developing a common position in the process of coordination, consultation and negotiation. The tasks of JCGaLG include consideration of problems related to the functioning of the local government and the state’s policy towards it, as well as matters concerning local government that are within the scope of the EU and international organisations, to which Poland belongs. JCGaLG consists of representatives of the government and local government. The government side consists of the minister competent for public administration and 11 representatives appointed and dismissed by the President of the Council of Ministers at the request of the minister. The local government party consists of designated representatives of national organisations of local-government units. Representatives of both parties work in 12 problem teams and 3 working groups. Their work is supported by experts. JCGaLG expresses an opinion on the considered issues, documents, etc., which opinion is the result of the agreement of both parties and which may contain separate positions on specific issues. In case of absence of agreement, each party adopts its own position. The work of JCGaLG is managed by the co-chairmen – the minister competent for public administration and the elected representative of the local government party. Meetings of committees, teams and working groups take place depending on the needs. [ P. Antkowiak ].

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