Justyna Grażyna Otto

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Justyna Grażyna Otto - PhD in humanities in the field of political science, assistant professor at the Department of State Sciences and Public Administration at the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Studies, University of Warsaw. A graduate of IPS UW (specialisation in European Studies) and the Institute of Journalism, University of Warsaw (specialisation in TV and agency), as well as Pedagogical Studies at IPS UW, a scholarship holder of the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz and of the Universität Konstanz. Head of the full-time and part-time 1st and 2nd degree studies at the Department of Political Science at the Institute of Political Science, University of Warsaw. Particularly interested in political leadership, especially in light of the process of personalisation of politics (peopolisation of power, mediatization and celebritization of politics), the issue of political regime (especially non-democratic regimes), pathologies in politics, and problems in the area of the state and war. She is an author of scientific publications, including monographs Destrukcyjna charyzma Adolfa Hitlera (Destructive charisma of Adolf Hitler) (2006) and Przywódca polityczny elementem konstytutywnym reżimu politycznego (Political leader as a constitutive element of the political regime) (2012), scientific editor of Demokratyczne i niedemokratyczne reżimy polityczne (Democratic and non-democratic political regimes) (2015). She worked, among others, with the Polish Institute of International Affairs, the business newspaper “Puls Biznesu”, the Polish Radio and Public Television. Certified tutor. A member of PTNP (Polish Political Science Association).