Audit commission of local government decision-making and control bodies

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This page is a translated version of the page Komisja rewizyjna samorządowych organów stanowiących i kontrolnych and the translation is 100% complete.

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AUDIT COMMISSION OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT DECISION-MAKING AND CONTROL BODIES – a body obligatorily appointed by the municipality/county council and voivodship sejmik in order to exercise their competences as control bodies for the activities of: the village mayor/mayor/president of the city, county/voivodship board, organisational units of a given local-government unit, municipality’s auxiliary units. It is the only one of the → commissions of local decision-making and control bodies, which is created obligatorily. The a.c. consists of councillors (representatives of all clubs), with the exception of councillors who perform the functions of the chairman or vice-chairman of the council/sejmik. A.c. gives opinions on the implementation of the budget and makes a request to the council/sejmik on granting or refusing the → vote of acceptance to the executive body; the application in this matter is subject to an opinion by the → regional audit chamber. A.c. may also perform other tasks ordered by the council/sejmik in the scope of control – in such a way that these tasks do not violate the rights of other committees and the council/sejmik itself [ P. Antkowiak ].

Literature: P. Antkowiak, Teoria i praktyka przywództwa politycznego na przykładzie bezpośrednich wyborów wójta, burmistrza i prezydenta miasta, Poznań 2016.