City/municipality youth council

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CITY/MUNICIPALITY YOUTH COUNCIL - an optional local government body of a consultative nature, composed of young people who were elected by their peers in democratic elections. They represent as “councillors” the youth of a given local community, ensuring its participation in the process of deciding matters concerning it, expressing the opinion on the activities of local-government bodies in matters concerning youth, acting to increase interest of young people in public affairs, ensuring a better understanding of the needs of young people by local authorities and shape the skills to act for the good of the local community and the sense of responsibility for it. Y.c. are established by a resolution of a local-government unit that gives them a statute specifying detailed competences and rules of operation and a procedure for the election of councillors[ E. Szulc-Wałecka ].

Literature: Młodzieżowa Rada Gminy. Aktywność obywatelska młodzieży w społeczności lokalnej, Warszawa 2009 ■ Partycypacja. Dyskutujemy, decydujemy, działamy, red. A. Jarzębska, Kraków 2014.