Marketisation of public services

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

MARKETISATION OF PUBLIC SERVICES – entrusting the provision of → public service to a non-public entity. The basis of this entrustment is a civil law contract concluded by public administration with an external contractor, which may be both a non-profit entity (→ non-governmental organisation) and a commercial entity. The basis for concluding a contract is public procurement law or the act on public benefit and voluntary work. The selection of the contractor should be made as part of a competitive procedure. Funds for the implementation of the assigned task can be transferred on the basis of various principles, e.g. contract, subsidy, voucher. Despite contracting the service, public administration remains the organiser of the service and is responsible for its implementation, and therefore has the responsibility to supervise and control the contractor. An important condition for effective m.p.s. is their standardization, which guarantees fairly equal access, scope and quality of services. The goal of m.p.s. is a departure from monopoly and bureaucratization as well as greater competitiveness of services, and hence – lower costs, higher quality, innovation and better adjustment to the needs of clients. The → principle of subsidiarity also speaks for entrusting social services to external entities. However, this activity involves certain costs and risks, e.g. expenses resulting from contracting, advisory and control procedures, and the risk that the state monopoly will be replaced by a private monopoly. Broad implementation of m.p.s. is related to the concept of → New Public Management. [E. Jaroszewska]

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