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PUBLIC SERVICE MISSION – indicates the servient character of work of persons employed in the public administration and indicates two entities for whom this service is performed – the citizens and the state, equally. Serving the citizens means promoting the common interests of the people over personal, individual or group interests. Service in favour of the state means acting to protect its interests and development, and to care for a positive image of the state among its citizens and abroad, as well as a positive image of its bodies and institutions, including its service. Public service means presenting by the official a pro-state attitude. The → public official plays a significant role in promoting ethical attitudes and preventing improper behaviour. Honourable conduct and performance of public service mission are inscribed in his attitude [ J. Itrich-Drabarek ].

Literature: J. Itrich-Drabarek, The Civil Service in Poland – Theory and Experience, Frankfurt am Main 2015 ■ J. Itrich-Drabarek, Etyka zawodowa funkcjonariuszy służb państwowych, Warszawa 2016.