Piotr Potejko

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Piotr Potejko – PhD in humanities, lawyer, pedagogue. Assistant professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration in Poznań, currently assistant professor at the Department of Security Science at the Institute of Political Science, University of Warsaw. Colonel, officer, long-time Director of the Department of Protection of Classified Information and the Central Training Centre of the Internal Security Agency. Expert and participant in the works of the Sejm committees, a representative of the President of the Council of Ministers in the scope of proceedings and initialling interstate agreements and a representative of the Polish side in the meetings of the NATO Security Committee and the European Union in Brussels. Controller and expert in the field of information security in the Polish diplomatic missions. Scientific activity focused on the issues of broadly understood internal and international security of the state. Co-author of many publications and books, mainly in the field of law and security, co-editor of the works: Terroryzm – materia ustawowa? (Terrorism – statutory matter?) (2009); Kryminalistyka w pracy służb specjalnych i porządku publicznego (Criminalistics at work of special services and public order) (2014).