Łukasz Małecki-Tepicht

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Łukasz Małecki-Tepicht – graduate of and PhD student at the Institute of Political Science, University of Warsaw. He holds a diploma of the Public Sector Auditor (CGAP), he is in the process of certification for the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). His PhD thesis concerns the implementation of rules for implementation of public policies under the European funds. He worked in the public sector for over 13 years, on realization, implementation, control and auditing of projects financed by the public funds, mainly from the European funds. He conducted numerous original classes for public sector employees, students, PhD students and post-graduate students, among others in the fields of ethics, civil service, local development, good governance and better regulation. He is a graduate of the School of Leaders of Civil Society, the School of Trainers at the Institute of Management through Values and the Analyst Academy – a project of the Chancellery of the President of the Council of Ministers regarding the impact assessment, analysis of the impact and implementation of the principles of better law-making. Participant of numerous conferences, both scientific and popularising the European funds and selected social issues. Author of many scientific and journalistic articles regarding the public sector.