Associations of municipalities

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

ASSOCIATIONS OF MUNICIPALITIES – they are created by municipal local-government units (but they can also include counties and voivodships) to support the idea of local self-government and to defend common interests. The rules, organisation and working procedures are regulated by the statute. Local-government units interested in creating a.mun. work out the principles of future functioning. The procedure for creating a.mun. is initiated by the general meeting resolution regarding the creation of a.mun. (or joining an existing one). The executive body of the municipality is responsible for the implementation of the resolution. A.mun. are entered in the National Court Register – in the part regarding associations, other social and professional organisations, foundations and public healthcare institutions. The basic goals of a.mun. are: joint performance of public tasks consisting in dissemination of the idea of local government, commenting on proposed regulations concerning this level of local government, implementation of other public activities, conducting information and education activities for municipalities-members of the association, identifying common interests and exchange of information. The rights the municipalities are entitled to can be implemented, among others through participation: in the work of the Sejm committees or the → Joint Commission of the Government and Local Government. A.mun. can obtain the status of a public benefit organisation, which allows them to undertake broad cooperation with public administration bodies. A.mun. as a → non-governmental organisation can be a part of a → public-private partnership [ A. Bejma ].

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