From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

DEPARTMENT – an element of the administrative structure, which consists of an organisationally separated set of bodies dealing with a given area of life, a catalogue of homogeneous or related matters. As part of the system, there is a system of bodies and other units forming a part of the administration, and it includes central bodies of government administration, central offices, local government administration bodies, as well as administrative institutions, such as hospitals, universities, administrative offices, consultative and advisory bodies, and state enterprises. At the head of the d. is the supreme body of public administration (→ minister) or the central body of public administration. In countries where tasks are being decentralised and the local government has a strong position, the ministerial structure exists in centralised areas (government administration) and inside other offices, such as municipal or county offices. However, this is not a homogeneous structure due to the lack of subordination between the local government and the government. Therefore, the concept of the → government administration department is more accurate [ A. Jarosz ].

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