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PERFORMANCE – an action or effect of action performed by the individual or collectively, with a certain intent. P. includes both the effects of implementing → public tasks (meaning products, results, impact and influence) as well as the effects of increasing the organisational capacity of the unit and streamlining its processes. P. in the literature in the field of public management and public finance is generally defined in four aspects: process, institutional, expected effects, achieving durable and sustainable effects. In the first case, the term p. (performance as production) is identified with the organised action taken to implement public tasks. Examples of such understood p. are police patrols or campaigns promoting vaccination. P. as the institutional potential (performance as competence/capacity) is the approach aimed at assessing the quality of the institutional potential of the organisation. It is based on the assumption that a well-prepared and competent contractor obtains the desired effects. The third perspective (performance as good results) identifies p. with achieving the desired effects. In the last perspective (performance as sustainable results), both the action and the effects as well as the organisation’s ability to sustainably deliver the expected effects and their continuous improvement are taken into account. The concept of achieving durable and sustainable effects is the newest (it has been developing since the beginning of the 21st century) and is closely related to comprehensive management systems of the public entity, which in a balanced way take into account both the need to improve the potential and the effects of operations [ T. Strąk ].

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