European Institute of Public Administration

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EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (EIPA) – an educational institution with the status of a foundation whose main objective is to improve the competences of the EU member state officials dealing with the EU issues. The EIPA’s activity was initiated during the meeting of the European Council in 1981. EIPA achieves its goal through training, expert and scientific activities. It organises trainings in the traditional and e-learning forms, provides consultancy services, conducts comparative research on the functioning of public administrations in the EU. It also owns the → CAF (Common Assessment Framework), a quality management tool in the public sector. EIPA also conducts international cooperation with such organisations as the European Public Administration Network (EUPAN) or OECD. The Institute’s highest decision-making body is the Board of Governors – it determines the directions of the development and controls the state of finances, and consists of representatives of the states that are the institutional members of EIPA. Poland has been a member of EIPA since 2004 under a bilateral cooperation agreement. The Board of Governors selects the director of the Institute, who is responsible for its day-to-day operation. The EIPA activity is financed from the member states’ contributions, subsidies from the European Commission and revenues from commercial activities. The headquarters is located in Maastricht, and there are two remote centres: in Barcelona (mainly dealing with multi-level governance in the EU) and Luxembourg (European Centre for Judges and Lawyers). [ Ł. Świetlikowski ].

Literature: Annual reports on EIPA’s activities are available on the website: