Processed information

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PROCESSED INFORMATION – this is information created as a result of aggregation and preparation of data held by the body in order to answer the request for → public information. P.i. arises when the body at the time of submitting the application was not able to give an appropriate answer and was forced to take additional steps to generate the necessary information. Processing is an activity that is not limited to the technical transfer of data or the change of their format. It requires the intellectual involvement of the person preparing the information, which usually involves the proper analysis and editing of data, involves the collection, organisation and preparation of information, organisational activities and the involvement of personal resources (they may disrupt the normal course of action of the entity and impede the performance of assigned tasks). Therefore p.i. will only be granted if the applicant has a particular public interest. Otherwise, a decision will be made to refuse to provide the information[ M. Szczegielniak ].

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