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LOCAL INITIATIVE – a form of cooperation between local government and residents in the implementation of a public task for the benefit of the local community; civic activity tool. L.i. concerns activity of a specific group of people, which is governed by specific goals and principles. It should meet two conditions: 1. it concerns the satisfaction of needs of the local community as a whole (it may refer to a specific group, but with the intention of positive effects serving the wider community); 2. more than one entity is involved, and its aim is to solve problems and carry out tasks in partnership. A non-governmental organisation may participate in the l.i. L.i. usually concerns matters falling within the tasks belonging to the municipality. A formal condition for the functioning of this tool of civic activity is the adoption by a local-government unit of a resolution specifying the procedure and detailed criteria for the assessment of applications for the implementation of a public task under l.i. In practice l.i. means that the residents, recognizing any specific undertaking/investment/action as necessary, submit a written request to the executive body of the local-government unit, which assesses the submitted proposal and decides whether to accept or reject it, followed by the conclusion of a cooperation agreement or withdrawal of parties from the implementation of the undertaking. The agreement sets out the obligations of the parties and the cooperation schedule. Citizens declare participation in the implementation of l.i. by providing social work, financial or material contribution. Local government does not generally transfer money to applicants – it supports the initiative group substantively or organisationally. Partial financial support of the initiative is possible with the proviso that as part of the implementation of the l.i. this financial contribution will not go to the applicants but will be disbursed directly by the executive body in accordance with public procurement law[ E. Szulc-Wałecka ].

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