Commission for complaints, motions and petitions of decision-making and control bodies

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This page is a translated version of the page Komisja skarg, wniosków i petycji organów stanowiących i kontrolnych and the translation is 100% complete.

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COMMISSION FOR COMPLAINTS, MOTIONS AND PETITIONS OF DECISION-MAKING AND CONTROL BODIES – internal body of the municipality council, county council and voivodship sejmik, appointed obligatorily to consider: complaints regardingactivities of the executive bodies of local government units (village mayor/mayor/president of the city, county board and voivodship board) and municipal, county and voivodship organisational units as well as motions and petitions submitted by citizens. In addition to the audit committee, this is the second of the obligatory commissions of local decision-making and control bodies. The c.c.m.p. is composed of councillors, including representatives of all clubs, with the exception of councillors acting as chairman or vice-chairman of the council/sejmik. The principles and mode of action of c.c.m.p. are regulated in the statutes of local government units. (→ commissions of local government’s decision-making and control bodies) [B. Węglarz]