Krzysztof Tomaszewski

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Krzysztof Tomaszewski – PhD with “habilitation”, an employee of the Department of the European Institutions at the Institute of Political Science, University of Warsaw. He received a scholarship from the University of Brussels, the European Institute in Geneva, and the Institute for Political Studies in Bordeaux. An expert in the field of energy security and energy policy as well as European studies. He has many years of experience in public administration, in the departments of the Ministry of Economy responsible for the European integration process and problems of the energy sector and energy policy. Author of monographic publications, numerous scientific articles and expert opinions in the field of European integration and issues of the energy sector, including monographs: Status urzędnika w Unii Europejskiej (The status of an official in the European Union) (2005) and Regiony w procesie integracji europejskiej (Regions in the process of European integration) (2007).