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MOBBING (to mob – to surround, attack, attack, tease) – a kind of psycho-social phenomenon related to work, with the work environment (workplace mobbing), consisting of unethical action. M. is a systematic process of harassment that compromises the dignity, personality or physical and mental integrity of a person, posing a threat to his/her employment and affecting the atmosphere and work efficiency. The concepts used in literature are synonymous with bullying, moral harassment, psychological and related violence such as harassment (mainly sexual harassment) or Ijime (Japanese term, concerns mainly psychological harassment, especially in schools). There are two types of m.: 1. vertical – the superior is the persecutor and the subordinate is a victim or the superior is a person harassed by a subordinate; 2. levels – the mobber is a group, and the victim is a person belonging to or dependent on the group. MOBBER is an oppressor, participant of a mobbing group. Mobbing behaviors include, among others: harassment, insults, social exclusion of employees, intimidation, humiliation, ridicule, isolation or elimination of employees from the team. A condition for recognizing certain behaviours as mobbing is repetition, regularity, awareness of their taking and a clear purpose of causing harm to the victim by the attacker. Situations of conflict in which there is a single incident and those in which both sides of the conflict have comparable strength cannot be qualified as m. M. is destructive on the health and functioning of the victim, as well as on the work environment and the surroundings, including the image of the organisation. The ways to reduce m. in the work environment include anti-mobbing education as well as anti-mobbing policies and procedures [ A. Komar ].

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