The State Agency for the Prevention of Alcohol-Related Problems

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This page is a translated version of the page Państwowa Agencja Rozwiązywania Problemów Alkoholowych and the translation is 100% complete.

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THE STATE AGENCY FOR THE PREVENTION OF ALCOHOL-RELATED PROBLEMS (SAPARP) – government agency responsible for initiating and improving actions regarding preventing and solving drug-related problems in Poland as well as assisting and cooperating with → non-governmental organisations and local-government administration, legally obliged to implement preventive and recovery programmes in local communities. It is a budgetary entity financed by the budget of the minister competent for health. SAPARP is acting within the scope of: 1. prevention – working out standards of services and implementing new methods of solving alcohol-related problems, 2. rehabilitation treatment – initiating, coordinating and supervising, 3. informational and educational activities, 4. international cooperation with organisations and institutions dealing with preventing alcohol-related problems, 5. conducting research, preparing reports, analyses and expertise regarding preventing and solving alcohol-related problems, 6. initiating drafts of legal acts and action plans of policies regarding prevention of alcohol-related problems, 7. providing substantial support to institutions, outposts and persons dealing with prevention and solving of alcohol-related problems and commissioning and financing the implementation of the tasks. SAPARP’s objective is to implement and coordinate the national policy and to develop, coordinate and monitor the implementation of the → National Program for the Prevention and Solving of Alcohol-Related Problems together with the project of allocation of funds for its implementation. Most of the conducted and coordinated actions is financed in the form of grants for non-governmental organisations. SAPARP implements national prevention programmes regarding: 1. increasing accessibility and effectiveness of therapeutic help for alcoholics and their families, 2. implementing into the healthcare system methods of early diagnosis and intervention, 3. developing preventive actions in schools, families and communities regarding alcohol-related problems, 4. improving and developing psychological and sociotherapeutic help for children from families with alcohol problems, 5. developing forms and methods of preventing violence in families with alcohol problems, 6. supporting local communities in solving alcohol-related problems and counteracting drunkenness in public areas, 7. providing and supporting public education, 8. monitoring national strategy for solving alcohol-related problems and supporting regional strategies [ A. Bejma ].

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