Tomasz Kownacki

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Tomasz Kownacki – PhD with “habilitation”. A graduate of the Institute of Political Science at the University of Warsaw (1995) and the Postgraduate Studies in Administration of the EU Funds at the Warsaw School of Economics (2008); a graduate of the “The Tools of Marketing” programme at the Institute of Journalism, University of Warsaw in cooperation with the Canadian International Development Agency, the George Brown College and the Centennial College in Toronto (1995); PhD in humanities, in the field of political science (2003), PhD with “habilitation” in social science, in the field of political science (2014). An employee of the Department of the European Institutions of the Institute of Political Science, University of Warsaw, head of the Postgraduate Studies at the Institute of Political Science, a board member of the Warsaw Branch of the Polish Political Science Association. He is an author of publications on the EU political institutions, including a monograph: Parlament Europejski w systemie instytucjonalnym Unii Europejskiej (The European Parliament in the institutional system of the European Union) (2006).