Inter-municipal associations

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INTER-MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATIONS – a form of association of → municipalities, the basic local government units that can create public law corporations in order to implement themore effectively. To create an a. it is necessary for the interested municipalities to adopt a resolution by an absolute majority of votes and to adopt the statute of the association. Then, on the basis of an application, it is entered in the register of inter-municipal associations kept by the minister competent for public administration. I-mun.a. has a legal personality and acts through its bodies: an assembly of the association (a decision-making and control body), which includes mayors of municipalities belonging to the association; the board of the association (executive body), appointed and dismissed by the assembly from among its members. Membership in the i-mun.a. is voluntary – municipalities have the right to enter and withdraw from the association by taking an appropriate resolution. The first i-mun.a. in Poland was established in October 1990 – the Municipal Association for Gasification with headquarters in Stryszawa and operated until 2005. In turn, the Union of Municipalities – Kurpie Białe with its registered office in Obrytem has been operating continuously since 1991. In years 1990-2017, 313 i-mun.a. were established, of which 105 have already ended their activities. It is worth noting that only 6 of them were created after 2012 [ M. Szczegielniak ].

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