Local law acts adopted by the self-government voivodship

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

LOCAL LAW ACTS ADOPTED BY THE SELF-GOVERNMENT VOIVODSHIP – provisions in force in the voivodship issued on the basis of statutory authorization by the bodies authorized to do so, i.e. the bodies of the voivodship self-government (→ local law). L.l.a. established by the voivodship are valid in the area of the voivodship or its part. The competent authority to issue them is the → voivodship sejmik on the basis and within the limits of the authorizations included in the acts. L.l.a. are established by the voivodship sejmik in the form of resolutions. The sejmik creates the law within the scope of matters: requiring regulation in the statute of the voivodship; the budget of the voivodship; taxes and fees specified in other acts; principles of managing the voivodship’s assets as well as the rules and mode of using voivodship facilities and public utilities. The voivodship’s bodies have no competence in establishing order regulations, which distinguishes them from the municipality and county. The rules and mode of announcing l.l.a. by the voivodship is determined by the act. L.l.a. established by the voivodship are subject to publication in the voivodship official journal (→ local law acts adopted by the local bodies of the government administration; publication of local law acts) [ S. Kozłowski ].

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