Marta Balcerek-Kosiarz

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Marta Balcerek-Kosiarz – PhD in social sciences, political scientist, assistant professor at the Department of State Sciences and Public Administration at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw. Expert in the public sector, her research interests focus on institutional support for entrepreneurship and innovation of entrepreneurs in technology parks, clusters, special economic spheres and private public partnership in cooperation with local governments. Other academic interests interests include legal systems of local government and economic self-governing bodies (chambers of industry and trade, chamber of craft and chambers of agriculture), municipal economy, local and regional development and public governance in Poland and in Germany. Author of monographs: The role of local government in the sphere of increasing the competitiveness of regions in Poland and Germany (2017), Economic activity of local government in Poland and Germany (2018), Neues Paradigma über lokale und regionale Entwicklung in Polen und in Deutschland (2018).