National Road Safety Council

From Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

NATIONAL ROAD SAFETY COUNCIL − (KRBRD) is an inter-ministerial auxiliary body of the council of ministers dealing with matters of road safety, operating under the minister responsible for transport. The Council defines directions and coordinates the activities of government administration in matters of road safety. The tasks of the Council include: proposing directions of state policy; developing programs for the improvement of road safety on the basis of proposals submitted by relevant ministers and evaluating their implementation; initiating and giving opinions on draft legal acts and international agreements; initiating: scientific research, training of public administration staff, foreign cooperation and educational and information activities; cooperation with relevant social organizations and non-governmental institutions; analysing and assessing actions taken; determining, at least every three years, the average socioeconomic costs of a road accident in which a person suffered injuries or was killed. The KRBRD consists of: chairman - minister competent for transport, deputy chairman: secretary or undersecretary of state in the ministry competent for internal affairs, secretary or undersecretary of state in the ministry competent for transport, secretary appointed by the minister competent for transport and members appointed by: the Prime Minister from among voivodes, the minister of national defence, minister of justice and ministers competent for: public administration, budget, public finances, economy, construction, spatial planning and development as well as housing, education and upbringing, environment, transport, internal, work and the Commander-in-Chief of Police, Commander Chief Fire Brigade, General Director of National Roads and Motorways. The Council performs its tasks with the help of the Secretariat, which is the internal organizational unit of the minister competent for transport. The following may participate in the KRBRD in an advisory capacity: representatives of non-governmental organizations whose statutory scope of activities includes road safety, academic staff of universities or research and development units, and independent experts. (→ provincial road safety council) [M. Jurgilewicz]

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